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Baby Floki Coin is a new crypto coin brought to life by fans & members of the Shiba Inu/Doge community. Baby Floki Coin is Elon Musk’s very own Shiba Inu and he’s on a mission to become the first puppy to go to the moon! He’s built to reward you by sending 5% of every transaction made to your wallet. This little guy loves space exploration- simply love, pet, and watch your $BabyFlokiCoin go to the moon!

Lead Developer — Corey T Spears (Blockchain enthusiast)


5% of each transaction is redistributed to token holders. That means you can earn more Baby Floki Coins by just holding them in your wallet. (centralized exchanges/wallets may not apply tokenomics/redistribution)


Every trade contributes towards auto-generating liquidity that goes into multiple pools used by exchanges


A burn wallet receives a portion of the reflections to never be seen again.

Updated Documents:


Phase One
Website Launch
Stealth Launch
1,000 Telegram Members
List on Coin Sniper
List on Coin Mooner
1,000 Telegram Members
5,000 Twitter Followers

Phase Two
Influencer marketing push
List on CoinGecko
List on CoinMarketCap
10,000 Telegram Members
10,000 holders
10,000 Twitter Followers
Third party audit

Phase Three
Fundraiser/Charity development
Exchange Listings
50,000 holders
50,000 Telegram Members
Rare NFT Collection
50,000 Twitter Followers
Large influencer marketing push
Voluntary donation for community + charity partnership

Phase Four
125,000 holders
125,000 Telegram Members
125,000 Twitter Followers
Unload heavy marketing
BFC Swap
Website Redesign
BFC Claws (Paw wallet growth/price tracker )

Phase Five
250,000 Holders
250,000 Telegram
MembersRelease NFT market place
NFT game for Baby Floki Coin (iOS/Andriod)
Give away Tesla to promote the campaign of Baby Floki Coin Sanctuary at $300m market cap
$125k Donation to charity of the community choice at $500m market cap
Build BFC Sanctuary Animal Shelter

Phase Six
750,000 Holders
Build BFC HeadQuarters
$350k Donation to various animal shelters at $1b market cap
Donate to further help build BFC Sanctuary at $2.5b market cap
Donate 200k to Children’s Hospital
Largest Airdrop in Crypto History
Largest Meet Up in Crypto History